Issue 1

Kimala Price

The Unsurprising Overturn of Roe v. Wade: A Black Feminist Reflection

A personal essay

Kimala Price is a Professor and Chair of Women's Studies at San Diego State University. In addition to her research and scholarship on reproductive health policy and politics, she has a strong commitment to feminist activism and policy advocacy. For nearly three decades, Dr. Price has been active in the reproductive rights and reproductive justice movements.
Winnie Soon

Queering Code Manual

A code poem and user manual

Winnie Soon is a Hong Kong-born artist coder and researcher interested in the cultural implications of digital infrastructure that addresses wider power asymmetries. They are Course Leader at the Creative Computing Institute, University of the Arts London, and also Associate Professor (on leave) at Aarhus University.

Issue 2

Mara Karagianni

Admin Lovers

A code poem

Mara Karagianni is an artist, software developer and system administrator. Their work involves computational and analogue media for publishing, print-making, python programming, making technical user manuals, and writing about the internet, FOSS and feminism.
Fran Lock

Dispatches from the Bestiary


Fran Lock is a poet, activist, essayist, editor, and the out-going Judith E. Wilson Poetry Fellow (2022-23). The author of numerous chapbooks and ten collections, her most recent chapbook is Forever Alive (Dare-Gale Press, 2022); and recent collections are Hyena! Jackal! Dog! (Pamenar Press, 2021) and White/ Other (87 Press, 2022). She is Associate Editor at the socialist arts cooperative Culture Matters where she recently edited The Cry of the Poor: An anthology of radical writing about poverty (2021).
Camille Auer

Ruff Knowledge

A poem

Camille Auer is a trans-disciplinary artist and writer. Her art practice has always been theory driven, but instead of illustrating existing theories, she uses forms ranging from sound, moving image, performance and text-based installations to contribute to theoretical discourse as modes of thinking in their own right. A common theme in her diverse body of work is the othering of trans and nonhuman bodies, such as herself or queer birds. Her work is currently supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Issue 3

Rosa María García

Reproductive Alternatives and the End of the State

An essay

Rosa María García is a working-class white non-binary trans person. She works as a translator, freelance researcher and writer. She has translated Whipping Girl (Julia Serano, 2020), Trans (Shon Faye, 2022), and Transgender Marxism (Gleeson and O'Rourke ed., 2023; not yet published). In 2024 she will publish Maps for a Trans Insurrection with Kaótica Libros.
Xeito Fole

(To be) Molecular

A Net Art work

Xeito Fole is a multimedia artist and transfeminist and anti-speciesist activist. Cultural agitator expert in transfeminisms and GSRDI. Their work embodies an experimental and experiential dialogue, that emerges from their political practice, fragmented methodologies, and creative processes, with a critical and transversal perspective between art, activism, cultural policies, and education.
Nat Raha

Three poems

Dr Nat Raha is a poet, activist-scholar, and Lecturer at Glasgow School of Art. Her poetry includes of sirens, body & faultlines (Boiler House Press, 2018), countersonnets (Contraband Books, 2013) and apparitions (nines) (Nightboat Books, 2024). With Mijke van der Drift, Nat is co-authoring Trans Femme Futures: An Abolitionist Ethics for Transfeminist Worlds (2024).
Rosa María García

Alternativas reproductivas y el fin del Estado

Un ensayo

Rosa María García es una persona trans no binaria blanca de clase obrera. Trabaja como traductore, investigadore independiente y escritore. Ha traducido Whipping Girl (Julia Serano, 2020), Trans (Shon Faye, 2022), yTransgender Marxism (Gleeson and O'Rourke ed., 2023; aún no publicado). En 2024 publica Mapas para una insurrección trans con Kaótica Libros.