Letter #1

Welcome to Them, All Magazine, bringing together poetry,
  critical writing and net/code and software art with the 
  aim of strengthening the interdisciplinary study of 
  reproductive politics.
  There is a podcast available with accessibility in mind 
  but also because many writers like to read their work 
  and many listeners love to listen. 

  This issue is made up of a code poem by artist, coder and 
  software studies scholar Winnie Soon and
  Dr. Kimala Price's essay, a Black Feminist reflection on 
  the 'unsurprising' overturning of Roe v. Wade.

  Them, All magazine is a space to think about the racial 
  and gender politics of the Internet. From the viral 
  repetition of harmful representations, to the artwork or
  poem as means of infecting and transforming dominant 

Rebecca Close,
Helsinki, 10th February 2023.